My Master Class

Welcome to My Master Class home page!

I have created this site simply to provide free content and to provide value to those seeking to take the next step in their journey. Whether your journey is to start and run your own business, build on of those most successful empires, or even if its just simply to become more self aware with todays new gigs and gadgets. You’ve come to the right place! I’m not here to sell anyone anything because in all honesty I have nothing to sell. 

Instead, I’ve been through many traitorous journeys myself and have stumbled and failed several. I can only expect more as I continue with my own journey, but my goal is to help motivate other individuals and hopefully help you all avoid the mistakes I made. Mistakes WILL happen but these are the factors that generally push people away from reaching their hopes/dreams. Everyday there are individuals that give up on their dreams because they believe after a few hiccups the journey is over. WRONG. That’s exactly when you push harder and learn from your mistakes. 

Our mission:

Everyday you wake you should be excited and ready to start the day, looking forward to all the new experiences that will allow you to grow. It’s easier for some than others and we totally get that. Regardless, know that it isn’t the situation you’re in. It’s your mindset. Our goal is to show everyone that you have OPTIONS! 

For example, if you work a 9-5 job every day and you have a family to take care of, you are still capable of happiness. Take those hours at the end of the night that you’re watching the Tigers game, or Netflix and instead spend that time doing something that you love. Maybe time isn’t the issue? Maybe it’s money? 

Guess what?

Money is easy. If you go to CraigsList and go under their ‘free’ category you’ll be able to find multiple items around your local area that you can go pick up and flip items for extra cash over the weekend. Remember.. this is FREE. People like to complain that their stuck and miserable. We want to show you that you do have options regardless of your situation. 

If you want to take an extra step, know that you can run a business nowadays from simply working from your laptop AT HOME. Sound crazy? We’re not kidding, its 2019.

We hope you browse around and find something that you’re interested in. We’re not promising millions of dollars to you if you read all of our articles. What we’re saying is that a million dollars is an obtainable goals if you choose the right steps and are willing to dedicate your spare time to work for it. Everyone has a different definition of happiness. 

What’s your definition of happiness? What are you goals and aspirations?